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One who has realized this and who applies it, simply put, that everything happens because it happens — that submitts in themselves and perform their vital tasks without great effort. In every man slumber male and female principles.

Urgent Predictions of 2019: Nostradamus, Elijha, Jesus, Divine Sophia and KLEEM

Eastern thinking shows us practical ways how we can strike a balance of these seemingly conflicting energy. Navigation help from space. It is believed that a Mayan wise men came from the stars of the Pleiades, and that gave us the knowledge contained in the culture and religion of the people. Biblical beast — a super-computer? In this interpretation is not fiction, speeches and predictions of many futurologists.

They allege that the computers to rule us, instead we them! Nostradamus: The terrorist attack in Paris! Nostradamus has warned us of the dangers of Islamic terrorism in our days, and he prophesied other great and even tragic events such as the breakup of the Soviet Union and — destruction of Paris!

In front of you are the symbols of the day you are born. Its meaning acts as the dreams, reincarnation, astrology, and to such meanings came many occultists in the past. What is the day of the month? Arabic astrological system which bases its calculations on the houses in the Zodiac in which the Moon is located at a certain point, reveals a favorable nature of certain day of the month. The Bible is full of warnings and the proclamation of great dangers. General flood, destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, The Flight into Egypt, are just some of these examples.

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But man is still overbearing and arrogant. Following four incredible solid UFO experiences he was influenced to re-kindle Nostradamus' methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer's rare cabalistic healing method.

Astrologer? Occultist? New Age Guru?

In he graduated from the Royal School of Music in London with the highest distinction. He moved to the US in and has since established himself as a successful hypnotherapist, an astropsychologist, author of 4 books, and a powerful motivational speaker. His notoriety has skyrocketed after hundreds of accurate predictions such as , the Asian tsunami, Iraq war, SARS virus and unarguable predictions of major earthquakes that he made on television and radio programs.

Patti Conklin grew up in Brooktondale, New York with a unique ability to see how the vibration of words and emotions affect the physical body.

Prophecy: "When the great cathedral glows red, so will begin the descent of man."

Through this sight, she began to understand that manipulating the vibration of the particles that make up the body could release stored emotion and facilitate healing, and Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing was born. After spending her youth learning and perfecting her healing abilities, she began to work with individuals with illnesses ranging from physical to mental, and even spiritual.

Patti grew her private practice with tremendous results, and as her reputation grew, more and more people sought her out, bringing her into their home for healing. Patti realized that while she can help those who have become ill, she could teach others how to shift their perception and thus prevent illness from occurring. She quickly became a frequent keynote speaker, and soon a curriculum to learn the Conklin Method of Cellular Cleansing was in demand.

Like the great prophet Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence France.

Nature and significance

Turi is a captivating speaker, author of many books and his profound Cosmic Wisdom continues to astonish skeptics and believers alike. Those mind boggling-encounters lead Dr. Turi's website at www. Educated in psychology, philosophy and is a highly acclaimed life coach. Holly instantly knows your childhood dynamics, your desires, and unique personality traits, your gifts, and challenges.

She connects with the universal mind and the Unified field, then uses this to help you navigate your life towards happiness.

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Holly has vast clientele from all over the world. She is available for private sessions, workshops, columns and as a motivational speaker. Aliens at school! For nothing can be accomplished without this faculty, whose power and goodness work so strongly in those to whom it is given that, while they contemplate within themselves, these powers are subject to other influences arising from the force of good. This warmth and strength of prophecy invests us with its influence as the sun's rays affect both animate and inanimate entities. We human beings cannot through our natural consciousness and intelligence know anything of God the Creator's hidden secrets, For it is not for us to know the times or the instants, etc.

So much so that persons of future times may be seen in present ones, because God Almighty has wished to reveal them by means of images, together with various secrets of the future vouchsafed to orthodox astrology, as was the case in the past, so that a measure of power and divination passed through them, the flame of the spirit inspiring them to pronounce upon inspiration both human and divine.

God may bring into being divine works, which are absolute; there is another level, that of angelic works; and a third way, that of the evildoers. But my son, I address you here a little too obscurely. As regards the occult prophecies one is vouchsafed through the subtle spirit of fire, which the understanding sometimes stirs through contemplation of the distant stars as if in vigil, likewise by means of pronouncements, one finds oneself surprised at producing writings without fear of being stricken for such impudent loquacity. The reason is that all this proceeds from the divine power of Almighty God from whom all bounty proceeds.

And so once again, my son, if I have eschewed the word prophet, I do not wish to attribute to myself such lofty title at the present time, for whoever is calles a prophet now was once called a seer ; since a prophet, my son, is properly speaking one who sees distant things through a natural knowledge of all creatures. And it can happen that the prophet bringing about the perfect light of prophecy may make manifest things both human and divine, because this cannot be done otherwise, given that the effects of predicting the future extend far off into time.

God's mysteries are incomprehensible and the power to influence events is bound up with the great expanse of natural knowledge, having its nearest most immediate origin in free will and describing future events which cannot be understood simply through being revealed. Neither can they be grasped through men's interpretations nor through another mode of cognizance or occult power under the firmament, neither in the present nor in the total eternity to come.

But bringing about such an indivisible eternity through Herculean efforts 2 , things are revealed by the planetary movements. I am not saying, my son - mark me well, here - that knowledge of such things cannot be implanted in your deficient mind, or that events in the distant future may not be within the understanding of any reasoning being. Nevertheless, if these things current or distant are brought to the awareness of this reasoning and intelligent being they will be neither too obscure nor too clearly revealed.

Pisces Nostradamus Divine Astrology & UFO’s Series – Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.

Perfect knowledge of such things cannot be acquired without divine inspiration, given that all prophetic inspiration derives its initial origin from God Almighty, then from chance and nature. Since all these portents are produced impartially, prophecy comes to pass partly as predicted. For understanding created by the intellect cannot be acquired by means of the occult, only by the aid of the zodiac, bringing forth that small flame by whose light part of the future may be discerned. Also, my son, I beseech you not to exercise your mind upon such reveries and vanities as drain the body and incur the soul's perdition, and which trouble our feeble frames.

Above all avoid the vanity of that most execrable magic formerly reproved by the Holy Scriptures - only excepting the use of official astrology. For by the latter, with the help of inspiration and divine revelation, and continual calculations, I have set down my prophecies in writing.

Fearing lest this occult philosophy be condemned, I did not therefore wish to make known its dire import; also fearful that several books which had lain hidden for long centuries might be discovered, and of what might become of them, after reading them I presented them to Vulcan. And while he devoured them, the flame licking the air gave out such an unexpected light, clearer than that of an ordinary flame and resembling fire from some flashing cataclysm, and suddenly illumined the house as if it were caught in a furnace.

Which is why I reduced them to ashes then, so that none might be tempted to use occult labours in searching for the perfect transmutation, whether lunar or solar, of incorruptible metals 3. But as to that discernment which can be achieved by the aid of planetary scrutiny, I should like to tell you this.