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Warm, protective and compassionate, Leo people have a disposition as warm as their ruling celestial body , the sun. They are natural romantics with a very sensual side, but also intelligent enough to be natural predisposed towards success in their career endeavours. Much like the strength of their ruling animal, the lion, Leo folks also have much in the way of natural resilience and good health.

With so many things in life already going their way, do Leo folks even need lucky numbers, you might wonder?

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Indeed they do — Leo are secretly quite sensitive when things in life go wrong. This number suits the Leo persona very well indeed. The idea of being number 1, the centre of focus, the first of their kind or the prime person in charge of the situation effortlessly matches the self-esteem and leadership qualities of the Leo soul. While over our lifetimes we are often educated to consider others in our actions, the setup of karma and astrology in the lifetime of the Leo is such that they are often their luckiest when prioritising themselves first, and letting their blessing ripple out to those around them.

In fact, Leo folks born on 1st August are often some of the most lucky people anyone could ever hope to meet. Living at an address featuring the number 1, working at a business that features this number, or even carrying a lucky penny with the number 1 kept good and shiny in your purse, all seemingly aligns the life of the Leo into a powerfully positive direction. And of course, number 1 also stands for chapter 1 of a new beginning, and seeking new experiences is always important to these folks.

A less obvious lucky number for Leo is 22, although once you delve into the symbolism behind this number and how well it matches with the Leo personality, it makes a great deal of sense. Love and romance are very important to Leo people, and they love the idea of giving their immense hearts to someone special, and likewise being praised and idolised by a doting lover in return. Going deeper still, at age 22, Leo people often experience an intense romance — or another major life event, such as a new career or overcoming a long-standing illness, even a financial windfall — that goes on to shape much of their life.

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In the Far East, the number four is regarded with suspicion and superstition — and for Leo folks with this cultural heritage in their ancestry or their current lifestyle, it might feel understandably reluctant to entrust themselves to a number so symbolic of misfortune and death. It makes them indecisive.

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  • Apart from these faults, they are on the whole reasonable and thoughtful. Scorpio: Scorpios are passionate individuals with a magnetic personality. They are forceful about their opinions. They have clarity of thought and expression. Due to their possessive nature, they become jealous quite easily. They are clever and courageous. They can be resentful and obsessive. They seek to take revenge of the wrongdoers. Those dealing with Scorpios have to be careful.

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    Capricorn: People born under the sign of Capricorn are prudent and practical. Their ambitious nature does not allow them to ever give up. They are vigilant. They plan before playing any game of life. They may come across as sadistic individuals who are orthodox and rigid. Perseverance and tolerance are their greatest qualities. They are generally upfront in fighting whatever comes in their way.

    Aquarius: People born under the sign of Aquarius have outstanding intelligent and a good sense of humor. They make loyal and honest friends. They are independent thinkers with great originality in their thoughts and actions. They may appear indifferent and less emotional, but it is because they are distracted by their thoughts.

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    Others may have difficulty understanding Aquarians. Pisces: People born under the sign of Pisces are sensitive and sympathetic. They are kind and helpful. They can go out of their way to help their dear ones. This makes them excellent friends. Opinions of others can easily influence them, and they can easily get carried away.

    They are not very determined or courageous. They are often vague in thinking and behavior. But their idealism is their true differentiator.

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