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Because your ascendancy may tend to surprise by being provocative. Be careful of certain behaviors and avoid putting important people at odds. This double Libra combination enhances your creativity and your romantic nature, so you always have a lot of ideas to get your couple out of the usual monotony or routine.

Enigmatic by nature, you captivate your entourage or audience. That's why you are not loved wherever you go. If you want to take the lead, you can bet on the sociability of Libra, rather than on the whimsical side of your ascendant Libra. You are passionate and your Libra ascendant does not support inaction.

People adore your company! The Libra ascendant brings its thoughtful, independent and skeptical side to Capricorn, who is more emotional. You may seem detached or cold but it is actually to better mask your hypersensitivity. People fill you with doubts, which is not the case with work, as you feel that it gives you a purpose and a course of action.

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Your Libra rising sign is cautious in love and teaches your patience. Thanks to Libra rising you take your time to choose only suitable partners. This Aquarius and Libra combination gives you a bit of double personality. On one hand, Libra adores the gestures of love and company while your Aquarius prefers light encounters and her independence.

How to Understand a Libra Rising Sign

So, love can be a bit complicated. Doubts, hesitations, need for freedom Your Libra ascendant gives you a kind of "sacred flame" that allows you to make everyday life exciting.

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The unexpected stimulates you and you like having new projects to realize. The two personalities of this alliance are particularly complementary. Be careful though, your kindness sometimes prevents you from objectively judging people and that is why you often need your ascendancy. Are you seeking others approval by avoiding action?

Your Rising Sign -- What It Is and Why It Matters

Do stop yourself doing what you know is right in case someone else disagrees? In order to guard against this tendency, a reliable, fair and objective system of values needs to be established. You would do well to be guided by principle rather than popularity in the choices that you make. Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns undermine your ability to commit. A balance should be found between activity and passivity, between head and heart, intuition and logic. Negotiation through charm and objectivity is your forte, and you can help bring about resolution through a balanced assessment of facts.

You need to experience both confrontation and compromise to find out what is important to you. Thus, you can be both principled and assertive, willing to compromise yet clear in your objectives once you have decided on what you want. At your best, you are able to express the grace, poise and consideration which is characteristic of this sign. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon.

Symmetry, proportion and balance are also important, and you are likely to prefer harmonious, refined or well-designed environments. You need to be surrounded by beauty and will function best in an organized and aesthetic space. Harmony is important for your mental balance. You are also likely to be quite refined, with a sense of style that is often innate. It may be important for you to project a stylish appearance, and so, you may also be very fashion conscious. The search for the ideal system, relationship or ideal can lead you into many areas of interest and exploration.

This is a mental sign after all, so that information is a key theme. You are also probably known for your listening and negotiation skills, and ability to give good advice.

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This is the sign of wise counsel, and your capacity to make a detached assessment of any situation is likely to be highly esteemed. The arena of relationship is a major concern, and you will get the best from your partnerships when you learn to first define who you are, and what you need, before then making any necessary compromises to keep things agreeable. Libra is the sign of partnerships, and you may feel that you need others to be able to fulfill yourself.

Doing things collaboratively brings your best qualities to the surface. Libra rising always wants to make things right.

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Fairness is a cardinal quality of Libra ascendants. Yet, on the other hand, when things get a little too controversial, they shy away, easily dipping out of the spotlight as casually as they waltzed into it. This zodiac sign despises confrontation because it upsets the natural balance of things. And Libra is all about balance. In order restore equilibrium, this star sign is very good at convincing others to either their viewpoint or simply the most harmonious.

After all, Venus is the ruling planet for Libra in astrology. Its this quality that makes Librans excellent mediators. They can solve many disputes, smoothing over differences without alienating the opposing parties. And most likely making new friends in the process. Tags ascendant libra rising sign. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Rising Sign. Previous Scorpio Rising Sign.

Here’s what your ascendant (or rising) sign says about you, according to 2 pro astrologers: