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Most of the astrological community has been unable to keep pace with events. Instead they seek safety in a take on the cosmos, belonging to the Middle Ages and beforehand. Nonetheless, Chiron has maintained a disproportionate influence, as it orbits far away in our known scheme of things, positioned for the most part between Saturn and Uranus.

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Through the energy devoted to understanding and interpreting its effects, a clear correlation has been found that outweighs cold facts and figures. Maybe it is because Chiron opened the floodgates, to a whole different view of our celestial environment, rather like the discovery of Uranus in And just like improving technology revealed this planet, so the gap between astrology and scientists has widened, rather than welcoming the chance to incorporate these discoveries.

So what is Chiron all about? What is so special and how does this pertain to your coming year? Initially, remember Chiron is a maverick and does not fit with prevailing attitudes and accepted norms.

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It has ultimately established its own class of celestial objects and is currently best regarded as a quasi-dormant comet, one of many that we now know to inhabit the outer reaches of our Solar System, stretching way beyond Neptune and at more than thirty times plus, further from the Sun than Earth. Chiron is customarily called the Wounded Healer. It is related to experiences taking lots of learning: maybe looking disadvantageous at the time, but contributing enormously to your personal development.

Not only this, but the knowledge you assimilate on the way, puts you in a better position to help and heal others because of your experiences. Though not in itself unusual, its occurrence at this moment confers huge significance.

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Unaspected features act independently from the rest of your horoscope. Sometimes you will feel totally in tune with their demands and on other occasions wholly at their mercy. The forthcoming period is set to be a roller coaster: one where you unlearn everything you thought you knew and replace this existing schema with a fresh set of prerogatives and priorities. Tel: Your Birthday - born 9th, October Today - discover the make-up of people born on 9th, October! Click here to make a booking - use minutes anytime. Click here to use the Email-a-Psychic Service.

Born today on the 9th, October :.


Here's an interestingly psychic birthdate. October 9 is particularly tuned in to the vibrations of place. Early in childhood, this person will find precious objects while just playing games. Into this child's hands will apparently fly flintheads from the back garden dropped thousands of years ago by an early British hunter.

It is she or he who picks out the Roman figurine from the builders' rubble. Others may search but October 9 puts his hand in the right place without thinking. As treasure seekers, diviners, explorers, archaeologists and anybody to do with the ancient world or mining engineering, they are therefore invaluable. And may make a fortune. Both sexes are helpful if you want to know the right place to build your house, or the right house to buy.

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If there are bad or good vibrations, October 9 can tell you, which is useful because when there are particularly bad feelings about a place most birthdates will eventually pick them up. And you don't want to have gone to enormous expense and then find yourself haunted. The psychic talents which belong to this individual don't extend very much beyond place. They aren't interested in auras or other's well-being in the curative sense, although people born on this date are sensitive and kind.

In any career they are usually quite successful because of their highly developed personal warning system.