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Such people however are more inclined towards emotional satisfaction than physical passions. They are romantic but their sexual drive is low. In fact, these are spiritually inclined god-fearing people. They do well in business and wish to spend a luxurious lifestyle. They spend excessively. They are quite cooperative in relationships and are more interested in making friends than foes.

We real chill, balanced by nature. You can talk your shit. Venus in Libra, Mars in Libra: You are a Lover so in love with the idea of love that nothing else matters. At times your whole-hearted idealism makes you too optimistic and too easily deceived by people who promise to fulfill your ideals and then renege but, as delicate and unworldly as your romantic fantasy may seem, it is remarkably durable. Though you may be misused and hurt, you never lose your faith in the power of true love.

Issues of the flesh are always secondary to you and you are apt not to give them much thought. If such urges must be satisfied, then so be it. As long as sex does not intrude on your ideal of perfect love such physical inconveniences hardly matters. My Libra Moon: My kink is when people actually care about my feelings and what I have to say. My Aries Sun: Too unrealistic. Settle for bondage like the rest of us. They are fixers and will fold to what you need before ever demanding anything of you. They just will try and move on the best they can wishing you the best.

They will be the conversation that makes you laugh out loud at your desk. They will be the best part of every day. Even the bad parts. Because every room they walk into all eyes will be on them. But their natural charm is what will get you. They tend to see the best in everyone so they give way too many chances. The Apollonian principle,The principle of a civil society, exemplified within a male vessel is once again molded by the meddling hands of Venus.

Unlike her earthy child of Taurus, Venus molds these males into forms of sophistication, rather than forms of pleasure.

The Sign of Balance = The Illusion of Balance

The face of a Male Libra ascendant is not striking, alluring or sexual. It is handsome. Full pursed lips, wide expressive eyes, sometimes accompanies with heavy lids, and at times a very large forehead. The female variation of the Apollonian principle, also shares intense beauty with the help of Venus.

They have long sinewy physiques with pleasing unobtrusive curves, and varying bust sizes. The face of a Libra ascendant female is long, and geometric like their male counterpart. Squarish or almond jaws, They have wide almond eyes, sometimes accentuated by a heavy lid. Full pouty lips lower on their face, low swept but sharp cheekbones, a high forehead ridge, and an impish nose. Traits shared universally among Libra Ascendants include: Many Libra ascendants have a lighter complexion than their biological families, they may also at times suffer from back problems and issues with bladder infections.

Though, the relationship of Libra and Capricorn is not an easy one, still the mutual respect and commitment helps to maintain it beautifully. A Capricorn man is quite sentimental, adores the arts and music also. He is also extremely opinionated, grounded in his beliefs and stubborn as an ox.

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He is highly dependable and never lazy. His strength and self discipline creates an appearance that he is not a warm creature but deep inside he is very warm and loving person and very protective towards his dear ones. He is very stable and does not appreciate changes at all. In a relationship, he is a truly committed lover with strong qualities of caring and protecting his lady love. Libra woman is innately positive and lives to pick up the ones who are down, radiating warmth and cheer to everyone around her.

She loves the art, attractiveness and the comforts of life. She is charismatic, delicate and has this warm nature that is so sentimental. Being a woman of independence, Libra woman has a hidden drive in her that coupled with her warm smile cajoles almost any man into willingly doing things the way she thinks they ought to go. In a relationship she usually proves to be a perfect match because she gives her man the supreme power and stays beside him to love and support his deeds.

Libra woman has an inbuilt softness and charm that makes Capricorn man feel easy in her presence. He needs to feel her gentle touch and sense her warm temperament to be able to let go of the things that make him self conscious. She gives him the love and respect he craves for and introduces him to new prospects of life bringing joy and spark to his life.

She gives him the freedom he loves and supports him in all areas of life.

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She makes him understand the importance of interaction and makes him more social than he ever before was. She is just like a cool breeze in his life with all new fragrance to light up his personality.

Good Libra Traits

But Libra woman can be sometimes bossy or masculine in her attitude that is not appreciated by her Capricorn man. But to pay this honor to her in return of what she gives is always a good deal for him. The initial attraction that Libra woman has for Capricorn man is not normally a good one. It is full of negativity in that she sees him as stubborn, dull, a lot like others see him: depressing, opinionated, cold and disheartening. She looks deeper into him and sees just what this man is made of. His good virtues could outweigh the first impressions and results in a wonderful lover and husband.

Libra woman soon realizes he is not a selfish man, nor is he impulsive or impetuous. Deep down he does have a very good sense of humor. He is very protective and loving towards her, who may be the first person to actually understand him. He gives his woman everything she misses in her personality making her feel complete. She teaches him to be a bit more easygoing and he teaches his lady to be more dependable and strong.

Together they make a wonderful bond of understanding with the colors of both love and friendship sparkling elegantly with a harmonious tune to make them feel closer. As they walk through the woods, enjoying their elements of Air and Earth on summer days their spirits talk and their minds become peaceful with the trust in their heart of everlasting togetherness. The relationship of Libra woman and Capricorn man has a few problems to be taken in consideration. He may seem to be cold to her as his emptiness looms on his expressions though he longs for her to fill that void with her affections.

Your floral horoscope: Libra

He may not even realize himself just how much he needs his Libra woman. His initial attraction to her enthusiasms — later tends to irritate him — and her initial love of his stability — later grows stagnant to her. Moreover, the domineering nature of Capricorn man and light nature of Libra woman can create tough times for them. The relationship between them is the one that can go either way.

But with some compromise, especially on the part of the Libra woman since she is more flexible, the bond between them can be strengthened. She has to blend her personality with his to find the peace and harmony needed to love longer and stronger. When a Libra Mars is really crushing on someone, they have a secret system to make sure that person falls for them. Then they become all of those things for that person. They will make it obvious that they have the same hobbies, and if not, they will try to get into it to impress their crush. They will be super touchy if their crush craves affection.


And if you send them a cute text they will be sure to reciprocate the gesture with twice the romance and sweetness. Their dream is to have a meant-for-each-other fairytale romance. Yes, Luther makes bad decisions.

Your floral horoscope: Libra | Funny how flowers do that

Best Traits Of Libra : 1. Librans are balanced and fair-minded 2. Forgive but never forgets 3. Libra often put too much stress on themselves while trying to make everyone happy 4. The incredible temperature will affect toda Your sporting life will keep you in good stead for the summer olympics.

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Everything you have done is brilliant and you will get the reward you richly Your lack of modesty will cause you problems today, jackass. Wensleydale is a good smell for you today. Other odours may leave you feeling poorly Actions take a moment, consequences last a lifetime. Try to avoid reading dusty old books that call themselves 'tomes'.

Especially if they contain Electrical things will cause a problem for you today. Many things that people say over the coming days will appear nonsensical, but may start to Brought to you by our favourite zodiac experts, choose from your astrological star sign below and check out your free daily funny horoscope with a beautiful parody of your love and romance readings for Click on the appropriate zodiac sign and you'll be whisked away into a hilarious horoscope journey.

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